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The idea started in 2009 by developing a database for designers, industrial designers and product developers. The plastics that are available now and will be in the future are more environmental friendly than the plastics of the last decades. The designers and product developers are responsible to choose which plastic will be used in which product, every day products or sustainable products. To make this choice in the land of plastics easier the database was developed and it is still ongoing. Manufacturers are responsible for plastic innovation and develop new ways to make a plastic less toxic, easy to recycle and with a low carbon footprint. The Plastic Fantastic Library database will give some transparency in the diversity of plastics. The library will be updated with the new types of plastics that will be developed in the future. The latest and the innovative plastics will be mentioned in the database. The advantage of the library is that it is independent and the information is transparent for designers and developers to be used in there new product development process. The time that designers or product developers have is limited, overlooking the complete spectrum of plastic materials that manufactures are offering is very time consuming. This is where Plastic Fantastic Library comes in, choosing the right plastic material efficiently. The boost in plastics development began in the 1940s; materials such as PVC, Teflon and Nylon were introduced in the world of the consumers, followed by polyethylene, polystyrene and carbon fibers. In the last decade bioplastics and smart plastics were added to give plastics different properties for known and unknown applications. A range of technologies are developing new kinds of plastics in the future.


Our vision is to accelerate plastic material innovation for a healthier and more sustainable world. We want to achieve this by closing the innovation loop from manufacturers to the designers, product developers and creative business partners, so they can design and make environmentally friendly products with the latest plastic innovation.


To provide creative business partners, designers and product developers with our services and the easy web accessible Plastic Fantastic Library database, with up to date innovative plastics from manufacturers and knowledge of plastics to accelerate new product development.

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