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Manufacturers are developing new plastics and are willing to introduce them at your desk. We are selecting the new plastics in five categories:

Look & feel; this means glass like plastics, hard and soft plastics
Taste & smell; this means biopolymers and recycled polymers
Hear & touch; this means structured, changed surface and 3D plastics
Manipulation & friction; this means rubber, ductile, stiff, flexible and sticky
Pressure & sound; this means light structures, foam, absorbing, fast and slow damping polymers

Plastic Fantastic Library made a pre-selection, so you don't have to. You can judge the plastic content of the box at your own desk. It is worth to apply the plastics in your new design? You decide. It will inspire you; get an understanding of new plastics, insights on plastic innovation for your further research and new conceptual designs.

Experimental BoxYou can order one of the experimental boxes for €43,95 (excl. tax, shipment and handling), if you are a member.

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