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New product development

Developing new products or creating new ideas asks for new solutions and methods to accelerate your research and development. Go in depth of theory, discover what is useful in your situation, get inspired by a method, how to approach your new idea? If you are a member you can download these topics. The following will be down loadable, soon:

• Stage gate
• Design for Manufacturing
• Design for Environment
• Ecological audits
• Cradle to Cradle

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Plastic reports

Think about the future and instantly a number of topics pop-up that will influence your design.
• Environment and plastics
• C2C plastics
• Carbon CO2 footprint
• Sustainable

New production techniques will introduce new plastics. These new plastics will demand applicability. This means that your design will be competitive and well thought out! The future will bring us a variety of smart plastics, self healing plastics and nanotechnology for people, planet and profit. Of course nothing is fixed and the future has its uncertainties. But there is one thing we know for sure; we have to change our way of designing and this means change the development in raw materials, look for other resources, alternatives and production techniques. Consumers are asking for low cost, waste reduction and environmental friendly products. As a member you can download plastic reports. The advantages of reading the plastic reports are; stay up to date with plastic trends, understanding of modern plastics and other plastic related topics. The following topics are available, soon: 

• Recyclable
• Down-cyclable
• Cost reduction
• Flexible solar cells
• UV stability of plastics
• Smart plastics
• Live without plastics
• Organic electronics
• Nanotechnology and plastics
• Green adhesives
• Injection molding
• Extrusion

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Download plastic reports

DSM Arnitel Eco - Download report
Elastollan N - Download report
BASF pure1.2 - Download report
Tusk Somos stereolithography - Download report
UPM ForMi - Download report
UPM ForMi injection moulding - Download report

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