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Plastic Fantastic Library can help you as a manufacturer (e.g. DSM, TeijinTwaron, Sabic, GE plastics, Lanxess, Degussa evonik, AkzoNobel and Eastman) to get your plastic product noticed by the designers and product developers. Your plastic will be online exposed to a large professional audience, disciplines and market segments. Our team is constantly looking for new environmental friendly plastics to update the library with new inside information. Your advantage as manufacturer is that you will gain statistical feedback of your plastic and raise awareness to highly innovative designers and decision makers around the world. Full registration is needed for sample or volume requests in the Plastic Fantastic Library by the designers. Provide designer with samples or volume quantities directly from your desk. Plastic Fantastic Library charges manufacturers a rate of 15% commission on sample and volume orders plus VAT. Plastic Fantastic Library claims that commission is worth paying because plastic manufacturers & suppliers benefit from extra trade as a result. Plastic Fantastic Library increases your turnover by providing an extra revenue stream so you make more money than your competitors who only provide conventional phone and fairs/exhibitions trade. It is pay as you go so you only pay for the business you receive. Filling in the online registration form, will give you direct free access to the library and be part of the Plastic Fantastic Library.


Advertise in our quarterly Plastic Fantastic Library newsletter. Each issue features hot plastic topics, latest development in plastics and designs. Our newsletter will be distributed to our members, customers and partners. For more information please contact us, or register online and upload your advertorial. After registration online you are secured of an advertorial that will be send to the Plastic Fantastic Library members, customers and partners.

Web banner

The Plastic Fantastic Library website is visited every day by thousands of designers and product developers. As manufacturer you would like to expose your plastic to these visitors. For more information how to get exposure please contact us, or register online. Upload your company logo and after subscription registration online you are secured of a web banner of 2 years.

Plastic experimental box

For a unique and direct way to present your innovative plastic at the desk of the designer or product developer, Plastic Fantastic Library assembles an experimental box. With this box you can create direct exposure to introduce or launch new development or reintroduce plastics to a new target audience. Plastic Fantastic Library provides different types of experimental boxes. If you want to be part of the experimental box you have to tick the box in the registration form. It is easy as that. We will contact you how to proceed further or contact us for any additional questions how to deliver your samples to Plastic Fantastic Library.

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